Thursday, June 27, 2013

Developing A Successful Cross-Media Campaign

Where to begin? That can be a difficult question to answer, especially if you've never planned a cross media campaign before.
If you follow a few simple steps, however, you should be able to build a great campaign.

1) The touch.

Every good campaign has to start somewhere. Print is usually the genesis, the launching point, the initial customer contact. Especially if you are looking for new customers or don't have much data on your current customer base. A postcard or a more complex mail piece are the most common approaches to contact, especially if you are looking to do a personalized campaign.

2) The offer.

Also known as the "call to action". This is a critical element to a cross-media campaign. Whether it's a free item, a discount, a contest, or a promise of valuable information - we need the offer in order to get the action.

3) The response.

Typically, the next step in a cross-media campaign is to lead the recipient to an online landing page, where they can find out more, or redeem their offer. A personalized URL (PURL) is ideal because it can be catered directly to their lifestyle, likes or interests.

4) The data.

The landing page is your data goldmine - where you have the opportunity to collect more information about the customer, which can be automatically inputed into your data program. The trick is to ask for the right type and amount of information, not too much or too personal which might make some people uncomfortable. Remember, you are doing this so that you can best serve their individual needs - so be polite!

5) The share.

A cross media campaign is a great opportunity for social sharing. Ex: make it a contest and ..  You can even track your best sharers and reward them.

6) The follow-up.

Don't put Baby in a corner. It's so important to nurture your customers, even after you have made the sale. Most commonly, follow up is in the form of a thank you email or another mailed offer. The basis of cross-media is a back and forth approach, which strengthens the relationship (and information) between the business and customer.

So line-em up, lay-em out and brainstorm your cross media campaign concept! Using these techniques can massively improve your ROI.